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We are here to help you get better in your game using our free YouTube videos, written guides and paid personal coaching.
The team behind Dojo Game Guides have been playing games for 15+ years now, with heavy focus on coaching and game education in the last 3 years.

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We are community for getting better in games and keep improving ourselves in the process

We started as Overwatchdojo YouTube channel and community back in 2017 to fill the gap in quality- , well researched- and structured educational content for Overwatch.

Dojo Game Guides is the next step in creating educational content for gamers in different competitive games.

From day one, we paid a lot of attention on building a community for people who share the goal of improving together in a safe and friendly environment. We provide free community coaching where you can get help and improve in your game.

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The Dojo is the place for you if you want to get better in the games that we teach (Overwatch, Call Of Duty: MW, probably more in the future) or just want to have fun in an awesome community!

  • Coaching community – ask your improvement related questions and get free help from other members

  • Educational content – we work hard to provide the best gaming tutorials for our games

  • Fun in all games – after all, we are here to have fun

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We believe that we all play games to have fun and to gradually get better at them. Our mission is to create well researched educational gaming videos and guides for the masses for free on YouTube and our website.

We also offer paid private coaching for individuals and teams, helping you to get better in a focused and dedicated manner. Our coaches have tens of thousands competitive gaming hours as well as years of teaching experience

We believe that everyone has the potential to grow and get better in their favorite game. We created the dojo to be a safe community for improvement, where all members are encouraged to ask questions and help other with their game knowledge.

We are working on building our communities and adding fresh content on our platforms. The dojo team creates YouTube videos, written guides and online workshops for free. Our YouTube channel, Overwatchdojo has more than 35k subscribers, and our Discord has about 3k members.

We keep updated with the latest game news and meta to hone our coaching skills. This is done to make sure that you get first class Overwatch and other game coaching if you come to us.

We value any player who has the will to improve, help others and is friendly and understanding. These are the values we have fostered during the years of creating the dojo community.

Continuous improvement is at the core of the dojo both in terms of content and activities to help you get better in your game.

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