Apart from the Call of Duty series, I also have experience with Team Fortress 2 which we played casually with a team of friends and relatives for one year. We managed to secure first place in the Wireplay Tournament division 6 of Europe, which was a nice accomplishment for a casual team only playing for a few hours a day. I have spent around 1200 hours playing this game. I played other games as well, for example: League of Legends from the Beta and Starcraft 2 from release. I was able to get above the top 10th percentile in most of the competitive games I played with. I spent a lot of time playing MMORPG games like Lineage II and Guild Wars 1 and 2, mostly for the social aspect.

When Overwatch was released in 2016 One of my former teammates from the Call of Duty series invited me to play again competitively, and I took the opportunity. We managed to put together a team that became one of the best competitors in our nation meaning that we participated in LAN parties, tournaments and cups with great results. I currently play Overwatch in most of my gaming time, and have around 2500 hours of experience in scrims and ladder.

I started the Overwatchdojo YouTube channel in late 2016 because there were no high quality educational videos for Overwatch at that time, and I took the opportunity to create something is visually satisfying and has applicable knowledge that the players can use right away in their next game. The channel was a great success in the beginning( given the fact that the team I worked with never did something like it) and it also got me into coaching, as few viewers of the channel ask for paid personal coaching. They wanted to purchase my knowledge which was awesome!

I now have more than 500 hours of coaching experience with individuals and teams, coaching from really low level players to the top 0.5th percentile of the Overwatch competitive, from 10 years old to 72.