Basketball drills for your improvement! If you have ever wondered how to score basketballs in Overwatch, how to hit the basket every time, this is for you! Score all the balls, and rain confetti on your team. Use them in unexpected ways and punish your unsuspecting enemies. Drills for improvement (1st of april edition)!

Hey there! If you have ever wondered how to score basketballs in Overwatch, we are announcing a new set of drills for you to make you an amazing shooter. Fine grain your physical form and mechanics in order to learn the revolutionary secrets about landing the balls in the basket. ABUSE these tips to become the MVP of the game even before the round starts. Let’s get ballin’.


Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! Introducing the best way to remarkable victories, we are going to teach you magic techniques about landing the basketballs and raining confetti on your team. This is a sensational method to cheer up your team and make everyone want to win the game before the round actually starts. Learning how to land those balls needs your hard work and utter dedication though. There is no easy way to gain the hidden knowledge of basketball scoring, but this video offers you insights that you can use for your improvement.

Do this drill in 2 seconds.


Now we get in game and start the sensational basketball exercises. If you want to meet more basketballers, join our Discord server, link can be found in the description. (Whisper: You can ask real questions and find buddies for improvement, but don’t tell it to anybody)


The first foundational drill is tracking the still ball. It has a startling effect on your aim if you are able to track this non moving object. Make sure that you practice this alone or other players may move the ball, making it not still. That would be bad.

Do this drill for 2 minute.


The next one is jumping ball tracking. Start jumping and track the ball, keeping your crosshair on it. If you feel confident, hit the ball and track it in the air too. It is very beneficial to learn this kind of aim, as you can use it to create a distraction among your teammates allowing you to prepare for your amazing shot.

Do this drill until you are satisfied with your tracking expertise.


Okay so here come the secret techniques that grandmasters ABUSE to get the ball into the net. (Wait what? These sentences are ridiculous, who even talks like this? Nevermind… )

Soo these are going to be actual useful tips to land the ball, are you ready?


In order to land the table ball and win your team’s guaranteed respect, do the following. Step to the table and align your view so the center of the ball and the center of the net is on the same line. Now align your crosshair to the bottom of the net. There are characters with different height, it’s easier with taller ones. Hit the ball with a melee and watch the ball land. That’s all there is to it.


Sometimes the best way is not the clean way. Here is one bonus tip that will always guarantee a score for you.


This is a secret that the big companies keep from you. Symmetra is an agent of chaos, using occult powers to bend the laws of physics according to her will. Use the microwave to pick up the ball and put it into the basket. That’s all there is to it. Just aim at the ball, hold the left click from a distance and dunk the ball as much as you like. The ultimate technique for free confetti!


Wait there is more! Your – now extraordinary – ball juggler skills have actual practical uses in-game. They are somewhat fishy, but can catch the unsuspecting enemies off-guard.


The first use is with Junkrat. You can place your mine AND your trap on the ball and melee it into the battlefield. The result can be hilarious. If you are patient enough, you can bash the ball into the face of the first enemy, activating the trap and then blowing them to pieces with the mine. Oh and the ball is recyclable if you are able to find it.


Our favourite use for the ball is the floating sphere of death. Pick Symmetra and place 3 turrets on the ball. It is possible to place 4 of them, but the deathball becomes volatile, so let’s just stick to 3. When you are ready to unleash chaos, pick up the ball with the microwave and march into battle, holding it high. Free enemy fries in three seconds. If the situation becomes too hot for you, just hurl the ball into the enemy team and start beaming away.


We hope that you don’t take these tips seriously. This video was made to celebrate fool’s day in our style. Tell us in the comments if you liked this video, or send any other Overwatch basketball related tips or your own achievements with it. As always, feel free to subscribe, give us a thumbs up and share this video. See you guys next time!