Master Hanzo, land your shots and eliminate the targets you need to. These drills will give you a good foundation for landing the arrows in different situations. If you still wonder about how to aim with Hanzo, do this 10 minute session to improve!

Drill sheet:


Hey there! Do you want to learn how to aim with Hanzo? If you still miss your arrows and don’t know how to deal with harassment up-close, these drills will help you become better, so you can be a valuable Hanzo in your team. Let’s do this.


Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! Hanzo is all about aim and positioning. We are going to show you how to play Hanzo mechanically, the rest will come with experience. Being called a Hanzo main is considered a really negative thing, but you can help the reputation if you play him well in a situation where he is beneficial for the team.

The main thing about Hanzo is that you need picks in order to be effective. He is a sniper, and he can thrive with a team that needs picks in order to engage well. His ult can be combined with CC ults like Zarya, Reinhardt or Mei for maximum effectiveness. But you are here for the drills, so let’s start practicing Hanzo aim, shall we?


The first set of drills are the basics for your aiming. Make sure that you can do them well. These drills will take 10 minutes to do altogether, and doing them once every day will improve your Hanzo aim a lot. If you have any questions about improving, join the Overwatchdojo Discord, link can be found in the description. Let’s start.


The first drills is tracking. Move around the still bots while keeping the crosshair on the same spot on their heads. Switch targets and mix up your movement for the best practice experience. Tracking is the foundation for every character’s aim, so make sure you can do this really well.

Do this drill for 30 seconds.


The next drill is about learning how much you need to charge your arrows for different damages. Experience bodyshots and headshots too. If you learn to control your charge, you can land more shots in fights, as you will be able to finish the enemies quickly.

Do this drill for 30 seconds


The next drill comes handy when you are fighting against low health enemies close to you. Fire your arrows without charging them. Try to hit the head of the bots while moving around. This will make your quick shots really solid, and they can do a surprising amount of damage if you land them well. Make sure you only use them if you must.

Do this drill for 1 minute.


This one is tricky. You need to climb to a wall, and hit your shots while falling down. This comes handy when a flanker is chasing you and you need to get away. But instead of fleeing, you drop down and land a mighty headshot on the unsuspecting enemy. Try to hit the head of the bots from different angles with different charge.

Do this drill for 1 minute.


The last static drill is flicking. Flicking arrows is really good against quickly moving enemies, like Tracer. Pretend that you are guarding a spot, expecting an enemy to come from there. Now flick to the head of the bot and kill it. Try to mix this up, and practice both sides and vertical flicking too.

Do this drill for 2 minutes.


And now we get to the dynamic drills against moving enemies. If you like what we are doing, or looking for personal or team coaching, support us on Patreon. Link can be found in the description.


The first dynamic drill is teaching you how to land your shots on moving targets. Stand still or move around, and make sure that you try different charged shots on the moving enemies. Lead your shots if you need to.

Do this drill for 2 minutes.


The next one is about landing long range shots. You need to learn how to control the arc and the damage of you long range arrows to be a really effective sniper. Make sure that you land these arrows from anywhere, try to hit the head of the bots.

Do this drill for 2 minutes.


The last drill is about learning how to shoot from a different angle. Go to the high ground and land your shots from there. Experience how to aim to really long distances from here.

Do this drill for 1 minute.


That’s all in these set of drills. Practice makes perfect, we really wish you have a lot of fun sharpening your Hanzo aim skills. See you guys next time!