Overwatch How To Recruit a Team – Overwatch League Esports Team Guide

Hey! Overwatch League will come soon, and you need competitive experience to be able to get into the compound and start your esport athlete career! This guide helps you in forming a competitive Overwatch team from scratch and gives you tips that you can apply. Where to look for potential players, how to communicate with them, how to organize tryouts, etc. This is the tip of the iceberg, but will give you a good idea of what you need to do to form a new competitive Overwatch team!

Building a roster of players

Hey there! Playing Overwatch in a competitive team is awesome. We are going to show you several options from recruiting a single player to building a complete a roster or creating one from scratch in this video, guiding you through the process and giving tips and tricks about how to form a team or fill your incomplete roster.


Hello guys, welcome to the Dojo. The Overwatch League will come in a year, and we want to help you prepare to get good enough to make it to the compound. Playing ranked games is one thing, but participating in competitive Overwatch is a whole new level that you need to experience. We made an introductory video about that, check it out now!

In this video, we’re going to see how to recruit, trial and select players for an Overwatch competitive team, also discussing the methods pertaining to this process. You are going to see how to recruit players and judge their skills, tailoring your roster in a way that helps you build a great team. Let’s get to it!


Recruiting players to complete a roster

If you’re looking to complete your roster to become a full team, there are several free tools that you can use. Let’s start with browser based ones.

Using website to look for teammates

These websites can be used to look for a team or search members for yours. We are not associated with these sites by any means, we just find them useful for this purpose.

Here’s two of them :


The first step for recruiting teammates is to create an account that will enable you to contact players. Make sure that you use an e-mail that you frequently check, so you don’t miss any new messages on the platforms.

Once your account is validated, you can post an ad. We’re using overwatch-teamup as an example. Click the get listed free button and write your recruitment ad.

A good ad will have these characteristics :

  • A short introduction of your team
  • Region
  • What is your goal (casual playing, ranked 6 stack, scrims, tournaments)
  • What is your schedule, how much time commitment do you need from players
  • A rank from which you accept players
  • Age requirements
  • Traits you’re looking for (able to take and provide constructive criticism, open minded, etc)
  • Specific roles that the players needs to fill

After finishing the ad, you can post it and wait for responses. You can bump your ad once a day, keep it visible.

Using Discord server to look for teammates

Searching players on Discord is another good way to build a team. Discord is a lot more responsive usually, but needs more work from your part as well.

You can use the biggest Overwatch discord servers and look for channels with lf in their names. 

You can use all of them at once, construct your ad according to the guidelines we gave earlier. Make sure that you respond to the direct messages in a timely manner and you have a plan for trying them out and accepting them to the team.

If you want to have more ideas where to look for potential teammates or recruits, head on to the Overwatchdojo Discord and ask your question. There is a nice and active community helping each other here, join us!

Recruiting a full roster

Let’s talk about creating a full 6 man team for Overwatch. If you want to recruit a full roster, you have two possibilities :

  1. Recruiting an existing team with experience to fill your lineup, or
  2. Building a roster from scratch and working from the ground up

Both of these have some pros and cons, let’s start with the first one.

Recruiting an existing roster or filling a team that is only missing some players

Recruiting an existing roster that is not full can be beneficial as they already have some common experience. In case they fill the exact roles you need to create a complete team, you are in luck. It may be hard to fit to your lineup in some cases however. Let’s see the pros and cons of this

Pros :

  • The players already know how to work together, so you don’t have to start fresh with them
  • They have common experience that they can use to enhance your teamwork and vice-versa

Cons :

  • They may have habits that are not to your standards and will take time and persuasion to fix (tardiness, problems with authority, etc)

Building a new roster

Building a new roster has several advantages and it is a really valuable experience for anyone getting into competitive Overwatch. Let’s talk about the pros.

Pros :

  • You are able to cherry pick the right players for the team, as you have full control over who stays and who goes.
  • You can train good practices from a team oriented viewpoint (devising strategies as a team, working on maneuvers, etc) .
  • You can experience how a team progresses and improves together from the ground up

Cons :

  • You have to train basic teamwork from scratch
  • Your team will have to learn to be together as a team

There are a lot of problems to solve when a new team is established. These are usually just growing pains, but sometimes decisionmaking about the roster and managing a team can be really hard. Only consider this if you have the time and dedication it takes to manage others.

About being a leader:

An important thing to notice here is it is not necessary for you to be the leader. You can build a team to your liking and assign someone to lead it if you think that the chosen player is better suited for the task. Make this fun for you and for all the other members. This also applies to playing. If you are building a team to play in, make sure that you know what you want to play and don’t search for others to that role.

Now we are going to give you a plan for recruiting and trying out players who want to be part of your team. This procedure is time consuming, but it is to ensure you start off with a really solid, hand picked team and not just doing some kind of social experiment. You can use this exact process, or change it to your liking. If you think there are things that could be done better, leave a comment with your ideas!

Gather information about your recruits

Let’s get back to the beginning. You posted your ads and messages start to arrive. They are going to introduce themselves, answer the questions you raised in the ad and usually ask for the next steps. You can have a little chat with the potential recruit to get to know each other more. When you have the required number of players, you need to be able to communicate with them easily.

Create discord channel to organize your communications with the potential recruits. Discord is a really good tool to use for text or voice communications. In a dedicated text channel, ask  them provide the following:

  • Current SR,
  • Season High,
  • Role mained,
  • Notable heroes you perform well on,
  • Game ID (BattleTag)
  • Discord ID
  • Age
  • Any additional data that you feel necessary, for example: Can they shotcall? Do they have previous team experience, etc etc

For an organization, you’ll need supplementary informations :

  • Phone
  • Legal ID
  • SSN (social security number)

Gather that information in a spreadsheet document. This will allow you to make balanced team lineup drafts with all roles. If there are more potential recruits than you need, you must still try them out somehow, making sure you are not missing a diamond in the rough.

We are going to talk about how to see how the players perform in their game.

Organize your recruits in teams

Once you have entered all of their informations in a single sheet, start making teams with balanced SR. SR may not be the best indication of skill, but it is usable for our purposes right now. If you are only looking for recruits filling an already existing roster, organize them according to their mains.

Each team must have at least 2 players from each role. If that is not possible, make sure that you rotate the players between the missing roles. This means that you must have 2 tanks, 2 DPS and 2 Supports. You can have someone flexing (being able to play multiple roles) but try to aim for a solid lineup where preferably everyone stays in the same role.

Make sure to keep your main healer on Mercy, Ana, Zenyatta. Have your main tank able to play Reinhardt and Winston and your offtank should be able to play Zarya. You should also have a hitscan (for example Soldier) and a projectile DPS (Pharah or Genji).

If you have and existing roster and want to try out players for a specific role, than make sure that you keep your already existing players in their roles. You can try out more recruits at a time if you are missing more than one players

Now you have your recruits organized in teams. You may decide to play with them, but spectating their gameplay should tell a lot more about them individually. We recommend that you try playing in the lineups, as the communication and other aspects of teamplay should be experienced first hand.

Plan scrims between the teams

The next part is about trying the players out and seeing how they perform. Schedule a time when everyone can play and scrim some. To have a good idea of their skills, perform your selection on all types of maps :

  • Escort (Payload)
  • Hybrid (Assault/Escort)
  • Control (King of the Hill)
  • Assault (2 Control Points)

If you want to be really careful who you choose, ask for some buddies to help. When making the team or teams scrim, have 2 people listening in to their communications and record the scrims with a mix of bird view and POV (Point of View).

What you must pay attention to is :

  • Who is the ice breaker (who talks to the others in their team first)
  • Who listens to calls and pays attention to their teammates
  • Who calls flankers or important events (opponent ulting for example)
  • How they call (long sentences, short precise words, calls only when dead, etc)
  • Who takes the first blood (who makes the 1stkill in the team you monitor)
  • Who dies first, what is the cause
  • Their positioning (relative to their own team and the opposition)
  • The tracking of their ultimates and the communication of it
  • Global positivity
  • The propension to give up or to never admit defeat.

You can add or remove criteria in your selection process regarding what you’re looking for in a recruit.

This process should take up to 2 hours per 2 teams scrimming. You can evaluate up to 12 people every 2 hours.

If you have more than 4 teams, you may need to have another round of selection to reduce further the number of people to trial.

Mix up the players for the former teams so that they are not with familiar players and do another round of scrimming against each others while paying attention to the same points. This way you can say bye bye to anyone not fitting your team vision and keep the ones looking promising.

Select the recruits that performed well

Once everyone has been evaluated, the VODs reviewed, and you’ve reduced the numbers of recruits to a more manageable group, you can start to assess the remaining players following what you want for your team.

Look at the hero pool from each players and try to build the deepest hero pool possible with your teammates. You should be able to build a roster that can do dives and deathballs. Or further down the criteria if you also want to give a try to triple DPS or quad tank. You can also decide not to consider these topics as important and work on these later, but you need to have a solid lineup that can adjust well to any meta.

Keep everyone close

Make sure to send a message to everyone who participated in your trials and tell them why they did not make it. You can tell them that it’s not definitive, and that they can still be picked at a later time. Keep your connections healthy, you can never know when someone you really wanted to pick decides not to participate in your team.

Tell your remaining 6 that they will now be tested as the potential final team.

Provide scrims to the newly formed team

Test your newly formed team against lower SR, equal SR and higher SR teams. It will show you how they react as a team when facing uncertainty. You can use the previously shown Discord servers to look for opponents.

If problems, change players from the benched to the trial active roster

If one or more of the players in the active roster doesn’t cut it after a few scrims (toxicity, not respecting the training schedule, or anything else that comes up) you can still call one of the benched players and see how the team does with the new one.

Finalize your roster

Now it is time to finalize the roster. Tell them that they are the ones who made the cut, and start working together right away. If you are a player, schedule some scrims, review and improve. If you are a coach, it’s now time to coach your team, teach them everything they lack, from basic positioning to proper calls and advanced concepts.

Now the long road starts, it’s going to take a good manager to keep your team from falling apart and help them in their growth as a player and as a team. We wish you good luck and that you and your team will improve nicely, and take obstacles easily.


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