Overwatch Orisa How To Play Guide In-depth Part 2 – Teamplay and Synergies

This video is about how to play Orisa in a team. She can be very strong in the right composition, and has really great synergies with other characters that you can use. Learn to play Orisa with this in-depth guide!

Part 1 of Orisa mechanics and tips is here: https://youtu.be/qQrVSwpYzvs

Read the full written guide here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gpA5g3Jfxm3G60a16SuC7zTmM9t6SQ-c4lB-o6MTkM0/edit?usp=sharing



Orisa is an anchor tank. This means that she wants all teammates to play around her most of the time. This allows her to use the abilities to their fullest potential. Being an anchor tank does not mean however that she should be in the front line soaking up damage. She needs a little more tricky play style. Thus, the best way to play her is with a main tank like Reinhardt in slow comps or a Winston in dive setups.

Orisa as a teammate

You should never consider her a front liner, the only exception is KOTH maps. When there is no shield in front of her, and the teams are on an equal footing, she is going to die. Period. She can’t withstand as much punishment as Reinhardt and does not want to draw all the attention of the enemy team. You need to understand this to be able to play well in a team where Orisa is present.


You can expect players who do not really know how to play her to pump out damage with Orisa, while throwing shields into choke points. We are going to see this is not how she should be played. You can still use her shield to your advantage, just note that it will go down really quickly. If she goes in head front and dies, try to stay behind her bulk as much as possible, doing your job. If she is played in a dive comp, pay attention to where she puts the shield and play around that position.


Okay, we are finally ready to discuss the play style that is needed to be a good Orisa player and add value to the team. You can consider Orisa as a support tank, someone who enables great plays using abilities wisely.

How to play in attacker

Osia can be surprisingly good in attacking scenarios, in both slow and dive compositions. The idea here is to provide both defensive utility and raw damage to the team. She can stay behind a Reinhardt for example and pump damage into the enemy shield, allowing for an easier push into the choke of the attackers.


Here is a checklist with your priorities:

  • Stick around your main tank. Do not lose sight of him. Help him stay alive. Place the shield in a way that helps to regenerate his own shield, pull away anyone who is hurting him, etc.
  • Help to break the enemy shields with your damage. Your full clip does 1800 damage, that’s nearly enough to break a Reinhardt shield in itself.
  • Pull targets together so your DPS can do their work. Pull them away from shields and down from high grounds.
  • Avoid standing still, and fight prolonged battles in chokes. Try to push in and gain some ground, so your teammates can come in with you.
  • Place your supercharger to a position where you have some kind of cover. Always have a shield ready to protect it from frontal damage. Flankers will come for it, pull them away and body block as much as needed.

How to play in defender

Defensive play is Orisa’s stronger side. As she is able to camp and build nests with her teammates, the only thing to pay attention to is not to be too predictable.


  • You can be a main tank in some defensive scenarios. Make sure to use the terrain to your advantage and shield dance. Do not get picked, better safe than sorry.
  • Use the shield to cut the enemy back line from the front line when they are charging in. You can deny healing and force the supports to play closer to the front line. Your DPS can use that easily.
  • Use halt to split engaging enemies. Let the ball float past the front line and pull away the back line. This divide and conquer tactic works very well with Orisa team comps.
  • The supercharger has a long range, but it is stationary. Make sure to use it in the beginning of a big fight, so you get the most value out of it. As you are playing in the front line, try to step back, place and shield it and get back to the fight.

Orisa on different map types

Orisa is good on all maps, but the weakest game type is payload maps. Defending is better as you can set up defensive positions, but attacking does not really favor Orisa’s play style. If you want to pick her still, make sure that you place the shield on the payload and play around that with a slow comp, or help the divers by pulling enemies and placing shields into the enemy team for added protection. Place the supercharger on the rear side of the payload if you don’t see a better position.


Now we get to the part where we inspect Orisa’s place in a team environment. You can play every hero in every situation, however it is good to know when she is the strongest.

When to pick Orisa

At the time of writing, Orisa is still not part of the meta. Pro players do not really use her, so the community is still a bit afraid when they have to play with her in a team.


If you like the play style of the caretaker tank, who provides a lot of utility and dynamic protection for your team, but still able to do a lot of damage, Orisa is a good pick. She can be a strong alternative to other off tanks, and has a really nice synergy with Reinhardt. You can deal a lot of damage, help in situations where your team can not advance.


We would suggest picking Orisa when you have good combo potentials. She alone won’t be able to make a difference, there are better picks when you can not depend on your teammates. However, she can enable really great plays with the right teammates.


She can be safely picked blindly in the beginning. If you get hard countered however, change to a better alternative. Some example lineups where she can excel:

Example lineups
2/2/2 compositions

Reinhardt / Orisa / Genji / Soldier / Ana / Lucio

Play with Rein, pull enemies close to allow for some free hammer swings. Pull targets to you and help your team with damage. When Genji ults, pull the enemies together for an easy wipe.

3/1/2 compositions

Reinhardt / Orisa / Roadhog / Hanzo / Zenyatta / Lucio

Help your DPS position to high grounds or where there is line of sight of the enemy supports. Pull targets into the open. Place your supercharger behind your bulky frontline and wreak havoc.

2/2/2 dive

Winston / Orisa / Genji / Pharah / Mercy / Ana

Help Winston by throwing the shield to the high ground and pulling enemies together. Protect Pharah from harassment by placing the shield on the enemy. You can do a lot of damage while they are focusing others.

What role does Orisa fill

Should be clear by now that she is a secondary support tank with more DPS than others. She does not have a pick potential like Roadhog, but can provide consistent damage to the team. Her presence can be really frightening if the enemy does not have the raw firepower to deal with shields.

Character combos

Let’s discuss some good character combinations. You can use this knowledge when you are playing solo, to complement a good teammate, or play with a premade to use these combos.

Hard counters


She can hack Orisa, making a big and slow dummy for everyone to charge their ultimates on. Sombra’s ult is really devastating in Orisa lineups. She can come to Orisa up close and personal to unload a clip and fall back to safety with ease. We suggest swapping when there is a good Sombra around.


She can avoid your shield by taking control of high grounds and kill you in 3 headshots. If you are not able to position yourself behind shields, you will have a really hard time staying alive.

Soft counters


Same as Widowmaker, but it is harder to hit Orisa with Hanzo. However 2 good shots will make quick work of her.


Orisa is slow, and while she is providing good protection to the backline, it’s not her best thing to do. Tracer can blink around and charge her ultimate quickly on Orisa. If you have trouble catching her, or she is ulting too much, swap.


Same as Tracer, but he is able to harass you from a longer distance. A good Genji can avoid being pulled by the Halt, so it can be really annoying for Orisa to deal with. He can also deflect the ball and combo with it to your demise if you are too predictable with it.


Theoretically Orisa can deal with Pharah, but the projectiles from the fusion cannon are slow and Orisa is a sitting duck when shooting to the skies. Make sure you have someone in your team dealing with Pharah, or switch to a better alternative.


Orisa is an easy snack for Reaper. The best thing to do is to try to pull him away, and dance around the shield, but it is really hard to stay alive against him.


Orisa can work exceptionally well with different characters. It is a good opportunity to pick Orisa in case you see any one of them in a team and needing a little bit more tankiness and damage in the lineup

DPS characters


Halt is your best buddy in this setup. Pull targets in range, wither them down and let Genji dash in dash out quickly finishing them. Pulling together a team when Genji is ulting is another synergy that you can use well. If there is no Ana in the team, your ult can substitute for the damage boost, giving Genji (and all your other teammates) a lot easier time to deal with the opponents


Not much interaction here, McCree needs protection to be able to do his job. Make sure your shield is ready when needs it, he can dance around it while shooting enemies. Pull away anybody coming close to him if he has the stun on cooldown.

You can protect him with your body if needed when he ults and the shield goes down. He can still lock the deadeye if you are in front of him.


Use halt to pull targets up in the air, so they can be direct hit with the Pharah when they land. Halt can also be used to pull down potential threats to Pharah from elevated positions, making them concentrate on staying alive rather than shooting your teammate.


He can dance around your shield and benefits a lot from your ultimate. If he is fleeing and low on health, make sure to fire a halt bubble into the enemy chasers and hold them up.


Soldier loves playing around your shield. Basically same as with McCree, however it is good if you know how to place your shield to the high ground in order to protect a Soldier there.


Your shield can be placed in a way that protects Sombra when she is doing her job in the midsts of the enemy team. A hard trick to pull off, as you need to synchronize well with Sombra if she wants to use the shield.


Halt is like a mini graviton, any Tracer should be able to ult into it. Good for pulling together key targets and bombing them. She can use the shield in the same way as Sombra.

Defense characters


Your shield can be really good for Bastion as he changes positions a lot. This allows your duo to put pressure to the enemy from multiple directions. Halt can catch fleeing enemies when Bastion uses his ultimate. Orisa’s supercharger gives Bastion insane amounts of damage, a force to recon with.


A cheesy trick is to pull targets upward from behind a shield so Hanzo can one shot them. Really hard to pull of however. Halt can also be comboed with Hanzo’s ult, make sure that you let Hanzo initiate with the ult and pull enemies into the dragons, not the other way around. Hanzo’s ultimate moves slowly, so it is hard to sync this the other way. Hanzo also loves shields projected to his elevated positions.


Halt is really good with him, especially with his ultimate.


While the enemies are getting sucked high up in the air by your halt ability, Mei can quickfreeze them with ease.


Protecting him and the turret with the shield wherever he is. Keep an eye out for his nest and help if you need to.


Shields to elevated positions and pulling targets from behinds shields so Widowmaker can pull of a clean shot.



Shield is her friend when she dives in and tries to take targets out. Use halt to pull enemies into the ultimate.


A very nice duo. You can shield your way to the enemy without much trouble. Orisa can do a lot of damage while Rein is slowly walking to the enemy. A good combo is to pull the enemy Rein up, allowing yours to Earthshatter freely. You can also feed Rein’s ultimate py synchronizing halt with the firestrike.


He can get up close and personal or attack from good angles with your shield.


Orisa can throw her barrier forward so winston can dance around it when his dies. Barrier can also be thrown at Snipers Winston is targeting so he can use it as a cover. She can also use Halt to get DPS and Snipers away from Winston for a short while so he can focus his target or jump to safety.


You two can dance around the enemies, staying alive for long periods of time. Make sure that you two harmonize your shields and abilities, so there is always something protecting you.



Ana will have an easy time healing you and getting her ultimate fed. If you are able to soak damage, Ana can get a really quick nanoboost. Then you can do a lot of damage and place supercharger early for a quick team wipe. Make sure you protect your wardrum.


The speed is really good for Orisa when you want to jump the enemy and pump damage to their heads.


Mercy can use your big bulk to stay alive. Your halt is also a good for protecting her from flankers.


Pull enemies in the range of turret nests. They will never know what happened.


Same as Mercy. Shoot targets with orb for quick kills.