Overwatch Ranked Improvement by Reviewing Games – Gain SR & Get Better

If you feel stuck in your current rank, and want to invest time to get better, this guide will help you. Review your games, spot your mistakes, and fix them. We are explaining the common errors that you can look for, suggest tools for recording your gameplay and give you a basic schedule that you can tailor to your needs in order to fix your mishaps and leverage your skill.

Hey there! If you wonder how to take on the next season of Overwatch, here are 5 tips that can help you improve your game and have fun at the same time. These can be valuable even if you have already played your placements matches, so keep watching!

Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! We are going to give you some examples what you can do in the beginning of the season, to make playing Overwatch more fun or challenging. We are very interested in what you do or plan to do in this season, tell us in the comments below!

Some players struggle with the placements in the beginning of the seasons and then may have a hard time getting into competitive games. This is usual, but the following tips may be able to help you get into Overwatch ranked games again and have fun while doing so.

Let’s get straight to the first tip then!

  1. Create goals and work towards them

First of all, create goals and work towards them. Without goals it is hard to keep you attention on the game for longer periods of time. These can be short term and long term objectives that you want to do. Don’t need to get too serious about them, a goal can be as simple as playing more with friends, or making sure you get all the skins for your favourite characters. For anybody who is more competitive and improvement is always on her mind, having some SR related goals might help you in situations when you feel lost.

So grab a pen and paper or open your text editor and start noting down what you want to do this season that will keep you motivated. Again, short term goals can be playing more or finding buddies to play with (on the side note, you can join Overwatchdojo’s Discord server if you want to join an active community of players). Long term goals can be about SR, doing practice regularly, recording and reviewing your games or joining a competitive team to play on tournaments. This really depends on you, but it is really important to write it down and place it somewhere where you can see it daily. This will make it easier to keep engaged with your goals and to work towards them. Print it out and pn it next to your desk, so you can see what you are working for every time you look there.

This way you are going to keep being motivated even if you are losing a lot of games in a row. Thing like this can happen, and if you are only concentrating on winning or losing, you might get burned out quickly. Golas help you to be engaged with the game even if you are losing some matches. So pause the video now and create your Overwatch bucket list for season 5. If you want to make sure that you keep to them, post them here as a comment so others can see it and may give you tips on how to reach certain goals.

  1. Create a practice schedule and keep to it

Okay the next one is about creating a schedule and then keeping to it. We know very well that the word ‘practice’ combined with ‘schedule’ can look dull, but you are here for improvement right? Creating a schedule is not that hard, but keeping to it usually is. It needs a lot of willpower to form a new habit and to integrate practice and game review in your everyday play sessions. But it is really worth the effort if you are committed to improve your game. Practice not only helps to make your mechanics more solid, but gives a nice warmup before play sessions. It can also be used to create a so called “gaming ritual” that you can use to help keeping to your commitments. It is easier to start with a practice if that is what you always do.

If you need ideas about what and how to practice, we have drills for the heroes in Overwatch to practice the basics and a video with additional tips. Check these out too!

Creating a schedule is helping you to form healthy gaming habits. A list of to-dos for a given day can be very precise or just a general list of things to do. Here is an example:

  • 10 minute warm-up
  • Drink a cup of water
  • Play some competitive games
  • Stand up from the desk and walk around, drink one more cup of water
  • Play some more competitive games
  • Watch the favourite streamer play and note down some things that I want to improve in my game

Of course time is a great factor here. It does not matter if you only play twice a week, or every day for six hours. The quality of your games will improve if you have a plan to do, as it will be harder to carried off.

  1. Experience characters that you rarely play with

This one is a more specific advice that can help you in solidifying your Overwatch skill. Players tend to try all heroes out then decide to play only one or two of them regularly. We suggest that you use the beginning of the season the get out of your comfort zone and allocate time to try heroes out that you don’t usually play. This doesn’t mean that you should play something like an attacker Thorbjorn. You should play heroes that are not your usual choices.

This can be really beneficial for improving your overall skill and to solidify your Overwatch knowledge. As you will experience these characters, you will find out different things about them that may not be easily learned when you just play against them or in a team with them. Not just about the single abilities, but how you should position yourself with them or who you have hard time dealing with in certain situations. All these newly learned and experienced things will add to your game knowledge, so you can decide better in situations when you are facing these characters.

And of course it is not only useful to you personally, but helps you to better understand team settings. Is Mercy good in a dive comp? Can you be the single DPS as Hanzo? Answers to these questions can be learned if you experience different situations and don’t just lock it to a specific role.

If you want to specialize on a character or a set of characters, make sure you don’t overdo off-role practice. Yes, you can learn a lot from playing with other characters, but make sure that most of the time is committed to the main role. This way you won’t get rusty, and can still gain valuable knowledge.

  1. Focus on improvement, review your mistakes

This point is connected to #2 on this list. When you already have a schedule for gaming, you can set aside some time for deliberate practice. You have a lot of things that you can do, starting from reviewing your own games, or watching high level- or professional players playing your role. The main thing is even if you only have a few hours a week for playing some games, you can still keep improvement in mind.

There is a video about how to review your recorded games made by us, check it out by clicking on the card showing right now if you haven’t already. To sum it up: You need to record your games and then look for mistakes that you can work on, identifying the root cause that caused the misplay. Then you need to pay attention to improve that aspect of your game, for example: die less due to bad positioning.

If you really want to improve your Overwatch game, you won’t be able to do it without devotion to practice. We sometimes hear that players think that playing games in a live environment is a lot better then reviewing your own games and practicing mechanical things against bots or in the practice range. If you only allot time to play, it is a lot harder to realize that you are making mistakes. Even if you are not new to the game, it is a lot more easier to record the game and review it to find different mishaps then trying to do it live.

By doing these review sessions, we are making sure that the same mistakes are not made over and over again. You will be able to identify mechanical mistakes and positional ones mose of the time by yourself. If you want to get serious and improve in an accelerated rate, consider becoming a coachee of Overwatchdojo by supporting us on Patreon, you can find the details by clicking the card right now.

  1. Don’t forget to have fun

The last point is about making sure that whatever you do, you are enjoying yourself. Competitive games can be really tolling on your general mood if you are having those bad days. It is important to make sure that you are not forcing games after games to try to sneak in one win. You can easily lose hundreds of SR while doing so and you will be even more disappointed. This is a personal preference of course, but we tend to say that you should stop playing for a short while after losing 2 consecutive matches and do something else for a while. Overwatch offers a lot that you can do, ranging from playing the arcade games to hopping in some frantic only Widowmaker headshot action if you are into that. There are some really unusual custom games, like Roadhog volleyball that can help you get back into the mood, making sure that you are giving your 100% when playing.


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