Overwatch Roadhog Aim Tutorial Guide – How To Play Roadhog | Hook, Aim and Combo Drills

We present you the drills that can teach you how to aim with Roadhog. Follow and repeat them to create a solid foundation for your Roadhog aim. If you are still missing your hooks or not getting kills instantly on squishies, this tutorial is for you. Let’s start practicing Roadhog!


Hey there! If you are missing your hooks with Roadhog or have trouble killing a Zarya in two shots with shield, this video is here to help. We are presenting foundational aim techniques for Roadhog, a set of drills that will help you becoming better.

Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! Roadhog is taking a slot in the tank roster in Overwatch, but he is more like a bulky DPS. He is a really good character for carrying solo games, as he has very high pick potential and self sustain.

A good Roadhog is known from landing most of his hooks and getting kills right in the beginning of any engagement. We are going to work on Roadhog aim in this guide to make sure you know when and how to use your gun and your abilities.

If you have any questions, please feel free to join our Discord server, where you can meet a helpful and friendly community, trying to improve together. Link can be found in the description. Let’s get to the drills!

Static Drills

Let’s start practicing the basic attack against non moving targets.


The first one is the usual warm-up exercise, tracking. The foundation of aiming, you need to be able to track standing targets from different distances. Make sure that you can do this motion smoothly, always keeping on the head of your target.

Do this drill for 30 seconds.


Okay, we are warmed up and ready to get shootin’. Your basic attack should be used up-close when you are in the face of the enemy. Try experimenting with the range when you can still do considerable damage with it. Aim your shots below the neck so the spread of your bullets hit the most of the enemy.

Do this for 30 seconds.

After experimenting with shots up-close, try to decide when you need to use your alternate fire. It is important to know how to use the alternate fire, as it can one shot targets from a medium distance. If the scap ball is fired too close, it will only do a small amount of damage. Experiment with it, and try to reach to point where you are consistently one-hitting the bots.

Do this drill for 1 minute.


Alright, the next is Roadhog’s bread and butter, the chainhook into basic attack into melee attack combo. You hook your target, aim below the neck and shoot them for an instakill on nearly every character. Add melee to make sure only the toughest get away. If your hook hits, you can hold down the basic attack to make sure you fire as quickly as the game lets you do it. The objective here is to hook the bots while moving around and kill them in one combo.

Do this drill for 1 minute.


After experiencing the basic combo, let’s upgrade it. When there is a hard-to-kill target like Reinhardt, or a Zarya with shield, you can do the full combo that goes like: alternate fire into hook into primary fire into melee. You can kill a Zarya with an active bubble with this combo, as a well placed alternate shot can break her bubble and let you execute the rest of the combo. Make sure that you are standing far enough from the target so your alternate fire has it’s full effect.

Do this drill for 1 minute.


Now you know the basics about Roadhog’s aim, let’s get into the dynamic drills, preparing against moving targets.


Go to the platform with the moving bots. Stand in one place. Your task here is to land the hook on moving targets to different distances and kill them in one shot. Try to experience a failed hook to, when the enemy moves behind cover just as your chain hook would attach to it. You are doing well if all your hooks land and you are able to kill the bots in one hit.

Do this drill for 2 minute.


Now go in and use both the primary and secondary attack to kill the bots. Remember that you need to be able to kill them in one shot. The purpose of this exercise is to learn the different distances against moving targets. Do not use your hook. If you are unable to kill them in one shot, try matching the right distance with the type of attack you are using.

Do this drill for 2 minutes.


The next exercise needs you to go to the high ground and hook the bots from there. Using your chainhook from here is a different experience, and you need to be able to aim and hook reliably from here.

Do this drill for 1 minute.


The last exercise needs you to use the hook to position your enemy to a side you want it to land. This can be used really well on maps where environmental kills are possible. Try to hook and land your target on your left and on your right side too.

Do this drill for 1 minute.


If don’t feel that the bots giving you a challenge any more, set up a custom game and practice there. The best setup is that you lower the cooldown of your hook and assign Lucios to both teams. They have a small model and move around quickly, so landing your basic or extended hook combo on them may not be trivial.


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