Sombra is getting more and more popular, so here are the drills to improve your mechanics. Aiming with Sombra is much like Tracer, however the playstyle is different for the two characters. Sombra is a hit-n-run type, going in, doing her work quickly and getting out of the battle.

In order to hit your targets however, you need to practice these drills. As Sombra is tracking aim dependent, you will benefit a lot from these exercises. Do them for 10 minutes as a warm-up before competitive games!

Drill sheet:


Hey there! If you don’t feel consistent enough hitting your shots with Sombra, we have you covered. Strengthen your tracking skills to be an effective hit-n-runner. Let’s get drillin’!


Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! Sombra is getting stronger and stronger, making more players want to play her. Her mechanics are purely tracking based, so the drills here are much like the ones for Tracer.


Let’s talk about the game style of Sombra quickly. She is not a hardcore flanker like Genji or Tracer, but a character who is able to distract the enemy and open up opportunities for her team. Your primary objective is to eliminate key targets from the play by getting into positions where you can hack them thus making your team able to engage in preferable ways. Yes Sombra can be played as a hit-n-run assassin, and you need good tracking skills to be able to mow down your targets. But to make her really valuable you need to understand target priorities and how engages are working. We are giving you drills here that should help your damage output and consistency. If you have any questions, feel free to join the dojo’s discord server, where a helpful community is waiting your questions about improvement. Let’s cut to the case, start practicing!


As we said earlier, Sombra’s mechanical skill is purely tracking based. The static drills are helping with the foundations and we are building upon these later.


The first drill is tracking the head of the standing bots while moving around them. Make sure that you can do the tracking smoothly and your crosshair stays on your target even when you are moving in zigzags. This is the base of all your damage output, make sure you can do this well.

Do this drill for one minute.


Okay, the next drill is a quick one about switching targets. Hit one bot and as soon as it goes down, switch to the others. Making this a habit will allow you to react quicker in critical situations where you are in the heat of battle. Kill your priority target in half of a clip and don’t leave room for escape for anybody else staying close to you!

Do this drill for 30 seconds.


The last static drill is teaching you how to readjust your aim after you have used your relocator. Place your translocator somewhere, and start hitting the bot. Now use the ability to teleport and adjust your aim to the head of the bot, finishing it after you appear. Your translocator is most often used to get back to safety, but sometimes you just want to be able to maneuver around the battlefield with it.

Do this drill for 30 seconds.


The dynamic drills are about tracking and hitting moving targets. These should make your aiming more solid. If you like what we are doing in the Overwatchdojo, consider supporting us on Patreon, link in the description. Coaching is available too for accelerated improvement, check us out!


The first dynamic drill is nothing fancy, but you should be able to do this without any mistake. Track the head of the moving bots. If you want to do it the hard way, make sure that your crosshair stays on a specific point most of the time. Follow them around, get closer and farther away. Experience dynamic tracking.

Do this drill for 2 minutes.


Building on the previous drill, you should now start shooting. Make sure that when you finish your target, you quickly flick to the head of the next one. Try to hit all the headshots, this will increase your damage output in the game drastically.

Do this drill for 2 minutes.


The next dynamic drills is teaching the aggressive usage of the relocator. Throw it behind the enemy you are engaging and start shooting. Use the skills to travel behind the target and finish it up. This is the same thing that you do with Tracer or Genji when you are doing flanking of the backline or other key targets. Should be used carefully, as you lose your escape if you commit to this.

Do this drill for 1 minute.


Okay, the next one is another tracking exercise, but we get up close and personal this time. Sombra’s damage output can be really terrifying if you shoot the targets from point-blank distance. Get up close and kill the enemies quickly.

Do this drill for 2 minutes.


The last drill will be useful when you are engaging with your ultimate. Choose your target, throw the translocator in the air and teleport to it quickly. You need to start tracking the head of your target while you are in the air, finishing it as soon as possible. You can do this to ult the enemy team and kill a Mercy with res in an instant, denying any comeback opportunity from the enemy team.

Do this drill for 1 minute.

Advanced Training

As you can see if you are able to track well, you should have no problems with your damage output as Sombra. If you need more advanced mechanical training, fire up a custom game with Lucio bots on both sides and headshots only. Try to kill them while they are cruising around, it’s a nice way to strengthen your tracking skills.

Don’t forget however that the mechanics are not the most important part of playing Sombra. Think of yourself as a utility DPS rather than a flanker. Make sure that anything you do is benefitting your team somehow, enabling them to push in with your help. Of course dropping in and killing a support up close helps too if you survive the engagement, just play it cleverly.


That’s our Sombra training for you. If you like our work, subscribe, like and share this video. Comments are always welcome! See you guys next time!