Overwatch Target Priorities – Order Of Elimination, Who To Focus, Important Targets

Target prioritization is helping a team to kill enemies quickly by creating good patterns for making sure the biggest threats are negated first. This video will teach you who to focus in Overwatch in order to succeed as a solo player in a team of strangers, or as a premade team. Learn about important targets and the reasoning behind these choices.

General Target Priorities Graph: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxzyBeNuOhWJOHRQN2NCRmNfRDA

Special Target Priorities Graph: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxzyBeNuOhWJLWRiUGtHWmM2bDA

Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! Let’s learn about target priorities so you will always know who to focus in your matches! Share this video among your buddies so they can learn the concept of prioritization and focusing too!

What is target prioritization

Target prioritization is the process of eliminating or disabling the enemy team’s characters in a pre-defined order. This order is usually based on the threat the given target poses to your team. There are different kind of setups where target priorities are changing, but we are going to give you all information needed to make the right calls.

Why is target prioritization important

So why is target prioritization or target focusing is important? Simple enough, you need picks from the enemy team to win fights. In most cases you are going to fight even battles, where 6 players stand against the enemy 6. If you just shoot who you see, the team won’t always be able to kill targets, leaving them low, but able to survive. Letting an enemy flee with low health is worse than doing nothing as the enemy healers will be able to charge their ultimates a lot quicker. However if your team works together, you can systematically eliminate the most dangerous targets together, bringing them down quickly and then switching to the next target.

General target prioritization

Alright let’s get to the hands on examples. The golden rule is to always kill the biggest threat to the team. Starting with the g eneral case where we are only talking about character classes and no ults are ready, you need to follow this order:

  1. Eliminate the primary DPS character or characters, anything that is not a flanker. DPS characters should be taken down first, as they pose the biggest threat to your well being. Focus them down together quickly to deny most part of the enemy damage done to your team. Flankers are elusive and hard to focus, ignore them for now.
  2. Follow up with the supports. Target the primary support, usually Ana or Mercy, Zenyatta in some cases. Kill the second support too if it is not a Lucio.
  3. Kill the flanker DPS if they are around.
  4. Kill the tanks. Start with the highest threat one, usually Zarya or Roadhog.
  5. Kill the Lucio.

You can see the decisionmaking process in this flowchart:

So as we said, this is the general case. Now when we start talking about specific characters, you need to pay attention to Mercy and Zarya. Mercy is able to deny anything in the game with a single ultimate, so she is always the top priority target when she is likely to have ultimate. Zarya is also a really high priority target when charged up as she can do a lot of damage and provide utility to the team, saving teammates and herself for long periods of time. So the flowchart changes like so:

And these were the general cases.

Special cases

Truth to be told, we can not cover every possible situation in a video what you can face in an Overwatch game. However here are tips for measuring the threat the enemy could pose and prioritize targets accordingly. The factors that you need to consider:

  1. Always go for the heroes whose pick potential is high. Don’t let a Pharah freely do damage or a Hanzo picking your team one-by-one.
  2. Is the enemy hero playing exceptionally well? Kill it quickly. This is important as you may just be able to win fights if the enemy carry is focused down heavily.
  3. Is your carry being harassed by an enemy hero? Help your mvp. Focus the harassers to make sure your teammate can do her job.
  4. Is the hero likely to have and ultimate that is posing threat to the team? Make sure to focus them down so they can not use the ultimate to the fullest potential.

These are the tips you can use, but good target prioritization and focusing will come with experience. It also depends on the lineups, so you have much to practice!


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